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Ventura Harbor Wedding PC Christian Betancourt

Tucked inside the Ventura harbor, close family and friends gathered to witness the joining of two beautiful lives, Nichole Miller and Joseph Olivera.

On Saturday, July 16th, I had the pleasure to join in marriage these two souls to become a true family. After sitting down with Nichole and Joe, it became very apparent that their union was much more than just love. I mean, 10 years together is a long time! Clearly, there was a strong relationship between the two of them. They spoke of overcoming adversity over the years, and how they helped each other through it all as well as with the help of their families. My burning question was of course, why now? You have nothing to prove to yourselves or to the world about your relationship. You are in love and will make it through. Their answer was beautiful: it's all about family. They had very contrasting upbringings with his parents still married after 37 years and her step-mother being her strongest advocate. But for them, they wanted to start their own. To not only to join their two families into one, but to make a new family all unto their own.

And so the theme from their favorite Disney movie "Lilo and Stitch" became the underlying message in their wedding: OHANA. From their ceremony: "Joe and Nichole, it is obvious you have found your true love. Your unwavering commitment to each other through adversity over the past decade has shown that your love is strong and steadfast. So why, after so many years together in love, do you decide to get married? Today, you are creating your Family, your Ohana, where nobody gets left behind or forgotten. For you two, this is about starting a new life with each other, casting off all the pains of the past and clearing a new path to continue moving forward in the same direction." There was a touch of Hawaiian with the groom's lei, the bride's floral hairpiece and the beautiful florescent bouquets contrasted wonderfully with the beach tones of yellow bridesmaid dresses and blue groomsmen shirts as well as the yellow and blue sand. The weather was perfect Ventura weather with a slight breeze and a warm sun.

Included in their ceremony were two beautiful readings by Louis de Bernières and Edmund O'Neil, their own vows which the groom actually "winged it" and made everyone tear up, a sand pouring ceremony, and recessional to "Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride" with the guests blowing bubbles all around!

The day couldn't of turned out better and I am so excited for the new Mr. and Mrs. Olivera to begin their new adventure together as a family. ALOHA!

Ventura Harbor PC: Christian Betancourt

Photo Credit: Christian Betancourt

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