Tying the Knot

Custom Ceremonies

Excerpts of custom ceremony scripts written and performed by Celebrant Kristin Neese:

Darren & Meghan | July 9, 2017

Eight years ago, at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania, Darren was just having a bad day.  And his friends weren’t helping his mood at all. As he lay on the pole vaulting mat, his track buddies continued to antagonize him by poking him.  Darren threatened to do something about it but alas, was poked again.  Angrily, he sat up, ready to defend himself only to realize it wasn’t his friends this time but his track coach, standing next to a beautiful perspective student, Meghan. As he describes it, his bad mood did a complete 180 in that moment as they were introduced for the first time. The craziness of the day left little room for Meghan to remember names and faces from their chance meeting.  However, after their brief encounter, Darren invited Meghan to a party that evening where they hit it off immediately.  Meghan felt drawn to Darren that night as she felt extremely comfortable in his presence and loved how corny and goofy he acted.  Luckily, their story doesn’t end there as Meghan decided to attend Bucknell and their relationship continued to grow and bloom into what it is today.

There are so many terms that come to mind when talking about marriage. Love, Commitment, Unity, and Devotion, to name a few. But among them all, one of the most powerful terms used is soulmate.  The words of Edgar Cayce state: “A soulmate is an ongoing connection with another individual that the soul picks up again in various times and places over lifetimes. We are attracted to another person at a soul level not because that person is our unique complement, but because by being with that individual, we are somehow provided with an impetus to become whole ourselves.”  Meghan and Darren, you are the definition of soulmates, having similar outlooks on the world, wanting the same things in life for each other and with each other, and having found someone to be by your side that makes the journey worth it.  You challenge each other with your strong personalities and wit while still being on the same wavelength. You continue to feel connected even if in separate rooms or even distant cities. And you are each other’s place of comfort and support throughout life’s endeavors.

Marriage takes a great amount of hard work and dedication. Remember to have open and honest communication with each other and with yourself, taking responsibility for your part, good or bad.  Remember to put their needs and wants before yours.

Remember to compromise. Remember to forgive quickly and say “I’m sorry”.  Continue to remember why you fell in love. Darren, the strong willed, intelligent woman in front of you may win an argument or two but remember that’s why you love her. And Meghan, Darren doesn’t worry about the little things and what is big to you may not be such a big deal to him but remember, he keeps you grounded. And although marriage requires so much attention, it makes it worth it when you’re married to your soulmate.

Anthony & Kirste | October 14, 2017

You both ready to make this official?

Alright then, let’s do it!

Anthony, do you choose Kirste to be your wife and as her husband, do you promise to keep her warm when you set the thermostat to 68, provide her with cocktails after a hard day at work, continue to allow Sunny to snuggle with your boxers when you leave the house, and keep cooking breakfast for a whole firehouse when it’s just the two of you?

    Anthony: I do.

She’s going to hold you to that! 

Kirste, do you choose Anthony to be your husband and as his wife, do you promise to keep the dream alive of winning the jackpot and using the money to secretly help people in need, continue to bamboozle him with your Scottish sayings, and be his partner in crime for spontaneous adventures and fun?

Kirste: I do.


Chris & Erin | May 13, 2017

Today is a day of celebration! We are bringing together two extraordinary people.  And in life changing moments such as these, it’s important to reflect on how we arrived here. We’re here today on May 13th, the exact date of this couple’s seven year anniversary. Exactly seven years ago today, Chris and Erin started their journey together. After only a few months, Chris packed up his life in California and moved to Colorado to explore their new found infatuation.  That's a huge risk! At the time, I’m sure some of you were weary and even skeptical but it’s clear now, it was the right choice.  Over the years, it was apparent, they just fit well together.  They would stay up for hours, just talking and enjoying each other's company. Erin plans their new adventures and Chris is happy just to be along for the ride. They have similar witty and fun personalities, and are both naturally social people. Just ask Erin how it is to walk down a main drag in Long Beach with Chris. He knows EVERYONE.  And Erin is such a genuine, charismatic person that from the moment you meet her, you want to be her friend. They really bring the best out of each other. They developed their own super-secret love language with made up words, inside jokes, catch phrases, and odd nicknames like Bilbo and Fran. Erin has accepted that the other woman is their life is Adele, that she will never break him of talking loudly on the phone, and even does her best to enjoy being dragged out to cheer for the Anaheim Ducks.  Chris tries the crazy, different foods Erin orders, makes sure there is wine in the fridge and puts up with the Amazon Prime boxes that arrive daily.  They have fully accept each other as unique individuals, annoyances and all, and recognize that giving enough space allows each other to be their own persons.  Not only does that take a selfless, confident person but it takes open and honest communication, loyalty and trust which are the foundations of any good relationship and especially important in a long, happy marriage.  

Relationships are much like the vineyards we’re surrounded by; either they wither away from neglect or are nurtured and nourished, enabling them to grow and blossom over a lifetime. Over the years, Chris and Erin’s love has clearly been tended to and has grown from a whirlwind chance to becoming unwavering and deeply rooted. These vineyards continue to bloom even through adversity. The harsh sun, the howling winds and rains, and lack of water or nutrients are all stresses these vines face. And yet, some stress is good stress because it strengthens the vines to become hardy and produces richer, fuller fruit. Just like these vines, part of the growth in Erin and Chris' relationship has come from weathering storms together, continuing to rely on each other during difficult times, and eventually coming out stronger and united through it all.


Marc & Robyn | August 26, 2017

I'm not sure you all know this but Marc has a weakness for Skittles. Every time he opened up a brand new package of Skittles, he would separate out the colors of green, purple, yellow, and so on, eating the individual sets one by one. And he always left his favorite red group for last to enjoy and savor. However, times have changed. Instead of hoarding his red skittles for last, he finds himself wanting to share his love of red skittles with Robyn. Clearly, he's come a long way.  When we connect with someone on an intimate, deep level, we not only want to share with them, but we stop thinking about just ourselves and put someone else's needs before our own.  Marc is willing to give up what was precious to him as an individual and wants to share in this experience and his enjoyment with Robyn.  We want to experience life but it always becomes a little sweeter with someone to share them with. Robyn and Marc, your marriage is having someone to share red skittles with. 

The formal definition of marriage is the unity of two people, committing their love to one another. Some even say it's the start of your lives together, however, the reality is you've already built a life together and your commitment today does not wipe the slate clean of 10 years of memories, adventures and love.  It's simply a new chapter in your story.  Now, that's not saying today isn't important because a lifelong commitment should not be taken lightly.  But you have already done the hard work of building a foundation that will be steadfast for years to come. Continue to have open and honest communication with each other as well as with yourself. Continue to work as a team through all of life's highs and lows, share in responsibilities and be a reliable and understanding partner.  Remember to say "I love you" and "I'm sorry".  Praise each other's accomplishments, no matter how big or small and grieve and hurt for their loss and pain. Continue to learn and grow from each other and with each other. 


Destiny & Erica | June 24, 2017

A promise is a powerful thing. The promise of marriage is more than a legal binding contract. Your words today not only show your intentions of what is to come but require that your partner trust you enough to know that your vows are your bond. 


So I ask: Do you Erica take Destiny to be your wife, promising to be understanding, compassionate and empathic, to face life’s challenges together and rejoice in life’s celebrations together, and remain honest and faithful to her all the days of your life?


Erica: I do.

Erica, as you look into Destiny’s eyes, please repeat after me:

Density, you are my best friend.
Your outgoing and 
spontaneous personality
forces me out of my comfort zone
and has given me 
a whole new meaning to living.
I promise to accept you fully 
and to never dull your light.
I promise to dance with you,
laugh with you,
And kiss you slowly
Every chance I get.
I promise to be loyal to you,
To love you unconditionally,
And to be your stronghold
when life gets tough.
I take you to be my wife,
my family and my love
from this day forward.

And do you Destiny take Erica to be your wife, promising to be understanding, compassionate and empathic, to face life’s challenges together and rejoice in life’s celebrations together, and remain honest and faithful to her all the days of your life?


Destiny: I do

Destiny, as you look into Erica’s eyes, please repeat after me:

Erica, you are my best friend.
Your positive and gracious character
Inspires me to be 
a better version of myself.
I am in awe of 
your loyalty to our family,
your ability to plan ahead, 
And your yearning for knowledge.
I promise to never
Take your love for granted,
To laugh with you
Until our cheeks hurt,
And to keep our relationship
Forever young and fun.
I promise to be loyal to you,
To love you unconditionally,
And to be your stronghold
when life gets tough.
I take you to be my wife,
my family and my love
from this day forward.


Joshua & Carly | March 11,2018


Falling in love is easy.  It’s the thrill of the chase and the unknown awaiting, the butterflies in the pit of your stomach when their hand touches yours, and the rush of energy with that first kiss.  The feeling of love can be so easy to get caught up in.  Carly and Joshua know, they got caught up 4 years ago.  After a journey down the Facebook rabbit hole, Carly stumbled on Joshua’s profile on a friend’s list, added him and Joshua sent her a message! They started chatting away, for hours, and eventually Carly invited him out to her work to meet in person. They ended up spending the evening together, drinking coffee and driving around until 2 in the morning. Joshua fell hard and fast as he was truly able to be himself around her whereas Carly hesitated but only at first, finally recognizing he respected her enough to not take her hesitation personally and let her take the time to fall just as hard as he did.  

So falling in love is easy. The hard part about love is staying in love.  When life doesn’t exactly go as planned or hardships come your way, that’s when love gets tough. And for Carly and Joshua, the cards were stacked against them from the start. With Joshua being gone on the road for extended periods of time, it was difficult to be away from one another with such a newly blossoming relationship. But they took the time away and used it to get to know each other, constantly talking while apart and ultimately bonding more because of all their late-night conversations. They learned how to be open and honest with one another, to really get to know each other on a deep and personal level and created a solid foundation of love and respect that they will carry with them throughout their marriage.  

The trick with falling and staying in love is continuing to fall in love, over and over, with the same person.  Carly, you fell in love with Joshua because he’s a hard worker, the perfect balance of having a masculine nature and being the biggest teddy bear, he constantly makes you smile especially when you’re feeling down, you can truly feel his love for you is not forced, and his good looks don’t hurt either. And Joshua, you love Carly’s natural sense of humor, the way she puts others before herself, how she tries to cheer you up when you’re in a funk, and how beautiful she is, inside and out. Always remember the reasons you fell in love in the first place.

Love is remembering to do the little things, such as baking lemon bars and cookies, getting water out of the fridge, calling each other pet names like Muffin, or simply plugging in the phones to charge at night.  On the flip side, love is also not sweating the small stuff, like when Joshua gets overly sarcastic when he’s tired or how Carly is a stickler for being on time. It’s about loving your differences and accepting their imperfections.  Although you are not perfect, today you promise to never lose sight of the fact that you are perfect for one another.

Your marriage is founded on your love. It’s about being spiritually, mentally and physically connected on such an intimate level, that although you are two people, you live one life.  You share a commitment to put your best selves forward in both difficult and wonderful times, emerging stronger with each experience shared. Marriage means you have someone who will cry with you, laugh with you, encourage you, support you and accept you for being you without hesitation.  But it's also fun and awesome! You have an ultimate partner in crime and a true ride or die.

Mike & Ana | May 12, 2018


Mike and Ana's worlds were forever changed the day they met back in 2011. Even though Mike was a bit shy, Ana warmed up to him on the dance floor at their mutual friend's wedding reception. After dancing the night away, Mike joined Ana to her car so she could change her shoes and they took their time getting back to the crowd. Clearly sparks were flying since they kissed before they even knew each other's names! After that day, Ana and Mike continued to make plans to be together even though they lived so far apart. Months went by and soon, the random text messages from Mike were every weekend, seeing if Ana wanted to come down to Long Beach to hang out. As Mike put it, he wanted to see where things would go with Ana and they just kept going! They took their time, really getting to know each other on a deep and intimate level. Ana will tell you she knew right away, knowing there was something different about Mike and was sure enough for the both of them! 

Besides Ana having awesome cooking skills and being a massage therapist, Mike fell in love because she's the nicest, most caring and the most amazing girl he's ever met. She was also very open minded to his reggae music and medicinal lifestyle, which Ana has since grown to love herself. And in return, Mike has opened himself up to understanding and accommodating her choice to become a vegan.  Ana loves how Mike is naturally genuine, kind and respectful and how he always shows her appreciation for those meals and massages. 

Ana and Mike, there are aspects in your relationship that are truly inspiring. You've accepted each other as is, without question, and without trying to change those unfamiliar qualities; even going further to appreciating and loving your differences. You enjoy being together and I don't mean just when you're having fun entertaining friends, attending reggae festivals, walking Sadie on the beach or camping and traveling but you also love waking up to the bed head and morning breath, the power struggle between watching basketball and time pieces, his overly dramatic sarcasm that leaves you defensive but giggling and the waiting an extra half an hour for her to do her hair. You truly love each other, seeing every imperfection and every flaw as just one more thing to love. And although you are not perfect, today you promise to never lose sight of the fact that you are perfect for one another.

Marriage is simply a public declaration of a lifelong commitment to the love and devotion you have already created. You've already laid the foundation for a successful marriage in the year 6 years together by learning to communicate clearly and honestly, creating a life together that involves adventures you both enjoy and experienced together, and by realizing that teamwork really does make the dream work. That love, peace, empathy and trust will guide you throughout your days together and guarantee you will be able to weather any storm that may cross your horizon and enjoy many days of laughter in the sunshine.


Brandon & Lisa | July 28, 2018


A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, Lisa and Brandon met in Gamers Club.  By a long time ago, I really mean 8 years and that galaxy was actually at Franklin Pierce University but... semantics. Their relationship leveled up sophomore year but it wasn't the typical "Do you wanna be my girlfriend?" scenario. In fact, Lisa basically just said "Hey Brandon, I like you." And Brandon replied "I like you too." During their college years, they spent all their free time with one another. However, being as there are more trees than people in New Hampshire, they settled for activities such as long walks together, catching up over lunch between classes, kayaking on the lake, and finding snapping turtles and lizards during hikes.  Brandon fell for Lisa's passion for helping others and her wonderfully quirky personality, even if her puns were terrible.  Brandon's focus and drive were attractive qualities to Lisa, loving that he's just as laid back in nature as she was and that spending time together was a big priority.   


After graduation, Brandon moved back to California to attend Grad school and it was an easy decision for Lisa to follow him. If you know Lisa, you know she loves dogs. So, once they had a home together, the search was on. Brandon went to the animal shelter while Lisa was out of town, sending Lisa the link to a handsome, deaf dog. Lisa was excited to come home and visit the shelter to see if he could be the one. Unfortunately, the dog's adoption link was taken down before she returned, leaving Lisa feeling disappointed and discouraged. Upon returning, Brandon showed up to her work, holding the leash of the dog who got away! At first, she wondered if he had simply borrowed him from the shelter until it clicked that Brandon had already adopted him! They continued building a life together, playing video games late into the night, taking walks with Astro, and eating sushi on dates. Although that last one, Lisa was tricked into since Brandon told her the first salmon roll she tried was cooked when it really wasn't. Lucky for him, Lisa loved it and didn't overreact when she found out his white lie.  Their journey together led them to creating some amazing memories which always brings a smile, facing challenges together which helped them learn and grow, and has brought them to this point in their journey.  Today, they stand in front of their closest family and friends to promise one another that no matter where this adventure may take them, it will always be together. 


Lisa and Brandon, marriage is your commitment of facing the known and unknown, side by side. But where do you go from here?  How will the terrain be in the years ahead?  How do you know which path to take?  Marriages should come with some sort of map, showing locations, directions, environmental factors, and any information we may need to know along the way. Could avoid a lot of dead ends with that kind of guide. However, every marriage is unique and different and what works well for one couple may not work for another. So as much as Brandon would love there to be one, there isn't a map for marriage. But I offer you some guidelines. 


The foundation of marriage is communication. Listen to understand, not just to reply. Be open and genuinely honest with each other, as well as with yourself. Disagree without getting heated or taking it personally.  And make sure to always talk through a tough situation.  

Know that sometimes the best date nights are eating a home cooked meal together while watching America's Got Talent. 

Never stop learning and growing from each other or with each other  

Remember that even though you are living one life together, you are still two people and allow each other the space to be an individual. Brandon, feel free to go fly your drone while Lisa is bike riding. And Lisa, don't hesitate to take up dance again since Brandon has guy time golfing with his dad. 

Realize your both human which means you're imperfect. Be realistic in your expectations. Know you'll both make mistake and remember to forgive quickly. 

Continue to show your love for one another in the smallest of ways, whether it's finding her sea glass at the beach or picking him up Peanut butter cups from Trader Joe's. 

Shauna & Nicholas | June 29, 2018 

Every love story has a beginning. Nicholas and Shauna met 10 years ago at their Stanford University freshman dorm. They started off as friends, played in the same intramural basketball team, and even took the time to see each other during the summer months. Their friendship caught on fire their sophomore year and continued to build flames of passion throughout their time in college while still balancing out academics, social life, and career ambitions. After graduation, the two of them took a 6-week tour of France, Spain, UK Italy and Germany, hopping between AirBnBs, using free city tours and eating cheap food. It was also here Shauna learned Nicholas is not a morning person as they almost missed their train in a country they didn't speak the language! Upon their return, Shauna started pharmacy school and Nicholas began his work as a strategy consultant in San Francisco. The sky-high rents of their new city forced Shauna to live in student housing through UCSF, whereas Nicholas secured basically a broom closet for living accommodations. Seriously, they couldn't even lay across the loveseat without having to open the window so their feet would hang out! His shoebox of an apartment became their only choice to spend quality time together during the weekends. But they still preferred getting away to Napa for wine tasting or hikes in Marin as often as they could.

In 2016, Nicholas and Shauna took another vacation throughout Europe, full of new adventures and experiences together, including a long and dicey biking tour of Vienna's wineries where they quickly realized biking long distances on busy highways and drinking wine may not be a great combination. After returning to the states, Nicholas began school at UC Berkeley for Business and Shauna began her residency in Anaheim, which meant the long distance kept them from seeing each other more than 1 or 2 times a month! They both wished they could be together but found some comfort knowing they would finally be in LA together once Nicholas finished his program (which he just did last month)! Finally, these two ambitious and hardworking people can be together at last! And the journey along the way has been an incredible one!

Nicholas and Shauna, as the next chapter of your story unfolds, don't be afraid to often look back on your journey. This moment is a creation of 10 years of amazing memories, hard lessons learned and new and exciting experiences together. Creating shared meaning through your story is essential to marriage, as it generates a true sense of purpose for the present and excitement for the future. And the best stories and marriages are filled with adventure, discovery, challenges, climactic moments and of course, love.

Emily & David | August 18, 2018

To understand where we are now, in this moment, we should look back to the beginning. Emily and David hung out with the same crowds and even attending the same concerts but never really decided to strike up a conversation. Emily saw David as the quiet guy in the back of the room and David noticed Emily but never made an effort to introduce himself. That was until one evening, David’s friend Justin invited Emily over to David’s home for dinner. In a more intimate setting, they finally took the time to speak to one another and were immediately enticed. Their first date was at Bubba Gump’s at Santa Monica Pier. David admired Emily’s fun, energetic and outgoing personality and quickly fell in love with her dedication and strong work ethic as she cared for her oldest daughter, Mackenzie.  In return, Emily recognized David's loyal and kind-hearted demeanor and loved him for his generous, caring and diplomatic nature.  As their relationship blossomed, they began to explore new activities together.  Emily introduced David to the adventures of dirt biking, skiing, and boating and David basked in Emily's support during his roller blading competitions across southern California.  They spent time together going to the beach, trying new restaurants, hiking in Malibu, and of course, taking trips out to Las Vegas. 

Once they really got to know one another, it became apparent they both shared similar interests and priorities, especially when it came to family. Emily’s close relationship with her father mirrored the dedication of David to his mother. Their families immediately welcomed and accepted their relationship, and Emily admired how David stepped up to be a father figure to her daughter. The family they created only grew as they welcomed their daughter, Sydney just two years ago. Together, they shared in the enjoyment of entertaining friends with BBQs and beers, taking road trips to places such as Colorado and Arizona, and getting up the mountain to ski every chance they could. Later that same year, Mackenzie helped David pick out an engagement ring for Emily and on Christmas day, while gathered around their loved ones, David got down on one knee and ask Emily for her hand in marriage. 

Emily and David, the past 7 years have been filled with new experiences, amazing memories and precious moments, creating a life together full of laughter and a family full of love.  You’ve built a home founded on compassion and security for your children, however, being parents is a completely separate relationship from being a spouse. Today, you form a new dynamic in your lives, establishing a permanent commitment of love and faithfulness unlike any other that connects you emotionally, physically and spiritually. 


Lacey & Kyle | September 15, 2018

To incorporate the art and design of Kyle’s engineering background and Lacey’s career as an architect, they have chosen a reading from Da Vinci's notebooks title “Notes on the Construction of Arches.”



The arch is nothing else than a force originated by two weaknesses, for the arch in buildings is composed of two segments of a circle, each of which being very weak in itself tends to fall; but as each opposes this tendency in the other, the two weaknesses combine to form one strength.


As the arch is a composite force it remains in equilibrium because the thrust is equal from both sides; and if one of the segments weighs more than the other the stability is lost, because the
greater pressure will outweigh the lesser.


The way to give stability to the arch is to fill the spandrels with good masonry up to the level of its summit."


In its original context, these words seem unrelated to today’s celebration. But in relation to marriage, these words ring true. As individuals, our lives are only filled with our personal experiences, our inner desires, and our own successes and failures. But to have someone to share in these life events creates a new sense of mutual happiness, someone to celebrate the good times with, and a stronghold for tough situations. The life built by two individuals is filled with twice as much joy, founded on the strength of love. You must share equally in this life, realizing there will be times your partner will need more from you and times when you’ll need more from your partner. But as long as the “give and take” is in balance, you will form a steady marriage. And lastly, to create a marriage that will outlast the sands of time, fill one another with goodness, encouragement, tenderness, and love.

Amanda & Robert | October 6, 2018

During Memorial Day weekend last year, record snowfall covered Mammoth Mountain, creating a dove-white wonderland of tranquility across the landscape. At the time, Robert and Amanda had been together for just over 6 years, building a relationship filled with outdoor adventures from Santa Cruz Island to Big Sur to Santa Barbara. They were spending yet another weekend in the mountains, enjoying the peaceful serenity that only nature can bring. They decided to hike up to the Crystal Crag. However, there was so much snow on the ground, they had to purchase snow shoes just to be able to trench through the heavy powder, parked over 3 miles from the trail head and were being passed by people cross country skiing.  When they reached Lake Mary, they couldn’t find the trail head and Amanda decided she wanted to give up as she grew exhausted from trekking through the ungodly amount of snow just to get to the starting point. Amanda insisted they go see the nearby waterfall instead and Robert begrudgingly agreed. Once they reached their destination, the sight was a breathtaking scenery of frost covered trees, white grounds, glistening ice, snowcapped mountains and trickling water from the partially frozen waterfall. Amanda started taking pictures of the beautiful panorama before them as Robert bent down to adjust his shoes. However, when he brought his hands up, he relieved a diamond ring and, in that moment, asked Amanda for her hand in marriage. They spent the next couple of days with no cell service, enjoying a few quiet moments with their family and celebrating their love before telling the world of their engagement.


Hiking up a heavily frosted mountain is not the only challenge Robert and Amanda have overcome and actually enjoyed. Over the past several years, they’ve tackled many different moves, many different schools and many nights apart.  Their relationship thrived with constant communication, seeing each other every chance they got and truly enjoying their time together, whether it was spent snowboarding, rock climbing, wine tasting or simply staying in for a home cooked meal and a night on the couch. Their unique personalities, high intellect and their quality time created individual growth as they challenged each other and blossomed into the best versions of themselves. Robert admits Amanda was the one who pushed him to get out of community college and get a degree, keeping on him to work hard and achieve his goals. Likewise, Robert supports Amanda during her trying times as she completes her PhD, always finding the positive side and getting her back on track after feeling defeated.  Some of the obstacles to overcome were harder than others, such as learning to openly communicate with each other instead of driving everyone crazy with their bickering (though they still have regular debates about who is right). They also learned that their idea of an easy hike might not be so easy for others. But through it all, they kept each other accountable, helped one another overcome self-doubt and learned how to embrace their differences and imperfections.

Allison & Jeremy | November 11, 2018

Today, Jeremy and Allison create their marriage built on mutual respect, admiration and a little bit a weirdness.  An author once said, “We’re all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness—and call it love—true love.” So in true love fashion, I would like to share a few pieces of marriage advice from some of Jeremy and Allison’s favorites.

From Doctor Who: “There‛s a lot of things you need to get across this universe. Warp drive… wormhole refractors… You know the thing you need most of all? You need a hand to hold.”

From Harry Potter: "Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure."

From Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: “It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes.”

From The Phantom of the Opera: "Close your eyes, let your spirit start to soar, and you'll live as you've never lived before.”

From The Lord of the Rings: "Folk seem to have been just landed in adventures, usually their paths were laid that way. But I expect they had lots of chances like [the two of you] of turning back, only they didn't. And if they had, we shouldn't know, because they’d have been forgotten."

And lastly, from Firefly, "When you can't run, you crawl, and when you can't crawl - when you can't do that, you find someone to carry you."

Jennifer & Brett | May 25, 2019

So I ask: Do you, Brett, choose Jennifer to be your wife, promising to trustworthy and supportive, compassionate and understanding, open and honest in your communication and willing to compromise, to work as a team through disasters and discoveries life may bring, to allow independence within your shared lives, and to love her unconditionally from this day forward?

Brett: “I do.”

Now for the real stuff! Do you also promise to allow Jennifer the occasional first dibs on puppy cuddles when returning home, to let her be right every once in a while, to try harder at putting away your baseball hats instead of leaving them on the kitchen counter, to attempt to cool Jennifer when she’s too warm even if you’re freezing and above all, continue bringing home random bottles of wine and making coffee for Jennifer every morning?

Brett: “I do.”

She’s going to hold you to that!

Jennifer, you’re up! Are you sure you’re ready?

Do you, Jennifer, choose Brett to be your husband, promising to trustworthy and supportive, compassionate and understanding, open and honest in your communication and willing to compromise, to work as a team through disasters and discoveries life may bring, to allow independence within your shared lives, and to love him unconditionally from this day forward?

Jennifer: “I do.”

Alright… Do you also promise to cheer for all of the following teams: Dolphins, Angels, Ducks, Buckeyes and Tar Heels, (It’s all or nothing on this one!), to be better about putting away food once you’re done with it and even try eating leftovers, adjust the seat back in Brett’s truck after driving it, never watch an episode of Game of Thrones or Suits without him, and to continue weekly breakfast dates and spontaneously bringing Jamba Juice to him at work?

            Jennifer: “I do.”

Well I’m glad they both agreed to the important stuff!