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Santa Barbara Celebration

Chaustine and Blake Wedding at Santa Barbara County Courthouse, California. Photo By ByCherry Photography

As I arrived at the Santa Barbara County Courthouse, I couldn't help but wander around to take in the beautiful Spanish Colonial revival style architecture and tropical foliage surrounding the building. The deep, dark hallways are laid with copper tone flooring surrounded by hand painted and tiled walls, overhead arches and wrought iron chandeliers. The outside gardens are lush with palm trees and bushes. Truly, a gorgeous piece of history and a wonderful location for a wedding.

Halls of the Santa Barbara County Courthouse Photo By ByCherryPhotography

Spiral Staircase at Santa Barbara County Courthouse Photo By ByCherry Photography

The day could not have been more perfect. The beautiful sunny skies warmed the air while tucked in the shade of the courthouse tower. Adorned with white chairs and a sign that read "Happily Ever After Starts Here", the guests slowly began to arrive and take their seats on the Rotunda lawn. The soft, classical flute music filled the area with it's sweet melody as the bride walked in on her father's arm. You could feel the love between Chaustine and Blake as their eyes met and their hands touched. Surrounded by their closest family and friends, including their two year old son, they vowed to be man and wife. Such a beautiful ceremony for an incredibly beautiful couple.

Congratulations to Blake and Chaustine!

Photo By ByCherry Photography

Happily Ever After Starts Here Sign Photo By ByCherry Photography

Seaside Ceremonies Photo By ByCherry Photography

With this ring, I thee wed. Photo By ByCherry Photography

You may kiss your bride! Photo By ByCherry Photography

Seaside Ceremonies Photo By ByCherry Photography

Photo By ByCherry Photography

Special Thanks To:

Music By Andrea Di Maggio from Di Maggio Music

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