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Long Distance Love

"It’s incredible to think that this moment came from a chance encounter two years ago. From the moment Paul saw Cynthia at his cousin’s birthday party, he couldn’t look away. It was love at first sight. Even with some reserves of moving in two months and inevitability being deployed for months at a time, he still decided to pursue a conversation with Cynthia that night by offering to teach her how to play craps although she was pulled away before he could. Over the next several weeks, they spent every moment they could with each other. Cynthia became absolutely smitten with his kindness, constantly being kept on her toes and feeling like the most important woman in his life. As time went on, Paul quickly fell in love with her caring and empathetic personality. Even with the stress of a long distance relationship, you two still continued to be committed. And now, here we are. Two hearts becoming one."

PC: George Street Photography

Nestled in the foothills of Fillmore's rich orchards lies Bella Vista Groves, a beautiful romantic and private country venue with historical significance, floral gardens, and stunning mountain views. The center courtyard displays a white awning a few steps above the grounds, a perfect altar for Paul and Cynthia. The girls finished getting ready in the building adjacent to the grounds. The ring bearer was carrying a ring bear: a small bear dressed in Navy uniform with the rings tied around the neck. Such a cute detail and perfect to reflect Paul's status was a Seaman.

Surrounded by close family and friend, Paul and Cynthia exchanged vows on January 15th, 2017. The skies stayed a brilliant blue, spotted with luscious clouds above. The altar, wedding party, decor and tables were adorn with navy blue and pale pink colors with a mix of elegant florals from Shell's Petals in Ventura.

Everything went smoothly from start to finish, mostly because of Sarah Pugh from

Vintage Heart Weddings and Special Events, their wedding coordinator. The DJ's from Complete Weddings queued the music perfectly and the wedding party made their way down the aisle. Those stairs were a little tricky with the girls' long dresses and we almost had a blow out but she caught herself without hesitation! Once the party was settled, the music changed and Cynthia and her father floated down the aisle. Her dress was stunning, draped sleeves with elegant beading, an open back and a beautiful tulle train. But the most beautiful accessory was her smile.

The ceremony went smoothly from start to finish. Their personal vows were beautifully written, talking about how they quickly fell in love and continued to stay loyal despite long distances apart. How they would Skype each other and leave it on while sleeping or watch Grey's Anatomy together on their separate TVs. Paul even memorized his vows and performed them perfectly despite the waves of emotions from the day. Their love was shining through their faces and their happiness was contagious. Congratulations to the Stones!

PC: George Street Photography

PC: George Street Photograpy

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Photography/Videography: George Street Photography


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